My passion is in drawing diverse women, promoting body acceptance, and improving our body image. Because we can't do our greatest work when we're so busy being focused on bodies.

Like every other person in the world, I struggle with body image and self worth.

In the past, being obsessed with looking ‘the correct way’ took so much energy both physically and mentally. I had absolutely nothing to show for it.

No one was congratulating me or thanking me for the impact that my drive to be thin was having on them. I didn’t have an enjoyable social life or a menstrual cycle. Nothing.

 I lost both my time and my fertility.

So I realized I needed to change. I started eating and resting and started to heal. With all this new-found time and energy, I picked up a pen and started to draw women with real bodies, having real thoughts, and struggling through real barriers.

And people liked it. They started thanking me for the impact that my work was having on them.
That’s when I realized I was starting to make an impact and found my calling. I then started podcasting and YouTubing to keep the message spreading.

Since then, I've grown a following of women (and some men) who are trying to free up mental and physical space so that they can actually do real work. And none of it had anything to do with making myself smaller or hungry.
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"Dani is SO naturally gifted at creating art. I've watched her skills in this craft grow from the beginning and she continues to learn and improve with every piece she creates. I've asked her to create a few separate pieces for me and every time she has blown me away with the level of detail, beauty, and energy that shines through the work."

"Danielle is super talented and seems driven by passion. I followed her work on Instagram and inquired about having her do a commissioned piece for a friend.  She was so easy to work with and produced the perfect piece quickly. I love it so much I immediately had her do another as a gift for my wife.  The second one was another winner!  I love her work and definitely recommend her for lovely unique personalized pieces."

"I came across Dani's page on Instagram and was immediately drawn to her art. I sent her a message right away what I had in mind and she did not hesitate to get started. Within a couple of hours, she had drawn an illustration that captured my quote beautifully."