Coaching You Through Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Recovery

Before I tell you about this life changing coaching, see what others are saying

"Working will Dani was the "push" I needed to fully embrace the all-in process and commit to recovering my period. I could not wait for our call each week, because it forced me to dig deep, think hard, and truly reflect in ways I wouldn't have been able to on my own. Not only did I come out of our time together with a recovered period, but I also gained new insight and motivation for the trajectory of my life both professionally and personally. Dani's energy and wit will basically keep you laughing at all times, but her ability to genuinely listen and reflect with you is where the real magic happens."

- HA Recovery client Abby

"Working with Ashley did more than just heal my body. Ashley helped me heal my relationship with food, exercise, and with my faith. Ashley is the type of woman that will be your light in the dark place of HA Healing. Working with Ashley was the biggest blessing. She truly has your best interest in mind, and she will always be honest with you. She is more than an abundance of healing or knowledge, she is a support system and a testament to faith. I am so thankful I had the chance to work with her. She becomes more than a coach, she becomes a friend."

- HA Recovery client Kristen


"I decided to start this path with Ashley because I felt stuck with the recovery process and I needed an extra support.
There’s no “one size fits all” recovery plan and I loved that she listened to my story and understood what areas to work on and how to improve them. My biggest problem is chronic stress and and poor care of my mental health, we’ve most focused on this aspect, but without forgetting the other the other parts of the process (food, exercise). Thanks to her assignments I’ve been and I’m still able to make a lot of progress!
Ashley is above all a wonderful person of great humanity who has learned much from her HA personal experience. I always feel 100% understood during our meetings, which is what made me feel safe and I trust her in such a delicate moment in my life."

- HA Recovery client Simona


"Ashley is fantastic. She has been so helpful in identifying the deeper issues for me and supporting me to come up with a manageable plan, with achievable goals. She has such a down to earth, genuine approach, which I really appreciated. She validated a few things for me. I think I needed someone who I knew had been through the same thing and was essentially on the other side/pregnant. Talking to someone who "gets it" was helpful and less work for me and allowed me to take steps towards my goals more quickly perhaps. I was already in a certain mind rame, taking action and changing behaviors, but struggling mentally.

- HA Recovery client Hayley

Now, let's talk about what we offer

Weekly Coaching $45/per week
(Bi-weekly also available)

  • Weekly 60 minute video calls to go deep on the areas where you need the most support

  • Accountability and all your questions answered in between calls both from your coach and from The HA Society community

  • Access to all of The HA Society including group community calls and early access to The HA Podcast

  • Someone that will ONLY allow your highest self to shine through and rise up

One Off Single Session $150

  • A 90 minute video call where we go over your history, struggles and create a plan together
  • Email access to us if you have questions after our call
  • We will follow up with you via email to check in on how things are going

Here's how we approach the sessions


In these sessions we give you:

  • Actionable strategies and tools for recovery
  • The mindsets necessary to keep growing and move past the mental blocks that are holding you back from recovery

  • Body image coaching

  • Accountability to ensure you're sticking to the plan

  • Regular deep dives into your routine and lifestyle

  • A safe space to talk about your experiences


Fill out your name and email and then use the link I give you to book a FREE 15 min call so that we can see if coaching with us is the right next step.

Meet The Coaches

When we have your 15 minute call, we'll use that time to determine which coach is a best fit for you!
Ashley Smith
Ashley is certified to work with women with eating disorders. She was introduced to Crossfit as a new way of pushing herself and has dieted a lot. She eventually lost her period but today, she's recovered and pregnant!

Her passion is helping people develop the skills and tools needed to achieve sustainable results that fit their lifestyles so that in all seasons of life they can be successful!

About a year ago Ashley and her husband sold their house and bought the 5th wheel of their dreams.  They are now living in it full time as her husband goes back to school! Her current hobby is exploring Texas and eating BBQ!
Dani Sheriff
Dani is the founder of The HA Society and the host of The HA Podcast. She had HA for a number of years discovering sport and dieting, but what's more important is that she recovered.

She specializes in helping women move through the mental hurdles of doing the work they need to recover their periods and helping them rediscover their true purpose and passions. In particular, her struggle with body image and dysmorphia is what makes her especially passionate about HA.

She's on a mission to change the conversation about menstrual health and to empower women to not just take charge of their bodies but raise awareness about it, too.

Dani was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, and moved to the US in 2016. She has a weird Australian-American hybrid accent now and lives in Texas with her husband and her husky.
Can't wait to work with you,
Dani & Ashley


What does the consultation call cover?
In this call we will listen to your background story, find out your biggest challenges and your goals (get back to exercise, get pregnant etc). From there, I will recommend either a coach on our team to you OR even a practitioner in my network if working together doesn't seem like a fit.

How long are the coaching sessions?
Each session is 60 mins.

How does the subscription work?
We have a month-to-month subscription, meaning that you opt in for 4 weeks at a time and can cancel any time, downgrade from weekly to biweekly or just down to the HA Society Membership so you still keep those perks!

Is there anyone you don't work with?
We don't work with people who are not willing to take the steps needed to recover. Anyone who is not willing or open to making at least SOME lifestyle and mindset changes in order to recover will struggle to be successful at getting their period back in general.

Can I choose my coach?