1:1 Coaching to Support You Through Recovery

Meet your magical fairy godmothers here to sprinkle period dust all over you.

If you've asked yourself these questions:

"What if I just gain weight and it still doesn't work?"

"What if I lose my identity as the 'fit girl'?"

"What if this isn't even what I really need to be doing?!"

Then yes, girl, coaching us is going to be game changing for you.


When you have one of us as your fairy godmothers
  • Tools and strategies to rest enough and de-stress.

  • The mindsets necessary to keep growing and move past the mental blocks that are holding you back from recovery.

  • Weekly 60 minute video calls to go deep on the areas where you need the most support

  • Accountability to get your questions answered in between calls both from your coach and from The HA Society community

  • Access to all of The HA Society including group community calls and early access to The HA Podcast

  • More love and support than you can even imagine

  • Someone that will ONLY allow your highest self to shine through and rise up


Fill out your name, email and book a FREE 15 min call so that we can create an action plan for you and see if coaching with us is the right next step.

Meet The Fairy Godmothers

When we have your 15 minute call, we'll use that time to determine which coach is a best fit for you!
Ashley Smith
Ashley is certified to work with women with eating disorders. She was introduced to Crossfit as a new way of pushing herself and has dieted a lot. She eventually lost her period but today, she's recovered and pregnant!

Her passion is helping people develop the skills and tools needed to achieve sustainable results that fit their lifestyles so that in all seasons of life they can be successful!

About a year ago Ashley and her husband sold their house and bought the 5th wheel of their dreams.  They are now living in it full time as her husband goes back to school! Her current hobby is exploring Texas and eating BBQ!
Dani Sheriff
Dani is the founder of The HA Society and the host of The HA Podcast. She had HA for a number of years discovering sport and dieting, but what's more important is that she recovered.

She specializes in helping women move through the mental hurdles of doing the work they need to recover their periods and helping them rediscover their true purpose and passions. In particular, her struggle with body image and dysmorphia is what makes her especially passionate about HA.

She's on a mission to change the conversation about menstrual health and to empower women to not just take charge of their bodies but raise awareness about it, too.

Dani was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, and moved to the US in 2016. She has a weird Australian-American hybrid accent now and lives in Texas with her husband and her husky.
Can't wait to work with you,
Dani & Ashley