The HA Society opens every new moon

The HA Society is a community – outside of the usual social media – where you can connect,  learn,  lean on and work through HA with other women going through it.

It's not a course or a program, because recovery is individual, but it's a place you can come to work through your individual recovery process.

Membership opens on November 15th

HA Articles

My guest writers, HA Society Members and I write the best HA blogs and articles.

You should find them entertaining and informative!

7 Day HA Recovery Commitment Challenge

Over the next week we’re going to commit to HA Recovery together. We’re going to tackle the biggest mindset issues and talk about the most tactical ways to get on track ASAP.

1:1 Coaching - Join the Waitlist

Get an action plan and weekly accountability to get your period back.

Weekly Sessions

Currently on waitlist
Weekly coaching

+ The HA Society Membership included

$100 USD/per month

Single Session

A 90 minute strategy call

$150 USD

The HA Podcast

A binge-worthy podcast for women with hypothalamic amenorrhea.

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